Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday is empty without God.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

School !

Half year of Form6 with jokers..

Teacher's quote:
Chemistry teacher :
  1. People at the back please stop talking. You all are so disgusting !
  2. You all please stop talking, if you all don't stop, i don't know what am I talking. ~when discussing chemistry experiment.
  3. We talk later, alot busybodies around. alot. ~when she online during lesson break, all sutdents rushed to her laptop, she type this in, and projector showed it.
Pengajian Am teacher:
  1. Class ini tak pernah berhenti bercakap-(cakap x 10)
  2. Saya rampas kad ini ya, cikgu bagi anak saya main.
Random teacher who came into our class to lecture:
Only I can say the word 'shit', you can not. ~ i don't like this teacher, he very racist..

Relieved teacher:
Want me to die ar ?! (in chinese) ~teacher's response when students ask her to join tai dee

Student's quote:

  1. Wah, I laugh until 6 pats also come out ad.
  2. Dont argue because of me, can onot? ~when 2 girls were arguing.
  3. Here very cold la, you know why onot? Because David (a black) absorbed heat..
  4. I've finished my bullets..~A regret Enoch who just finished his physics objective paper
  1. Chemistry exp:
Teacher: Are you ready for the experiment?
John* : Michael, are you ready? (at the same time pointing teacher)
Michael*:Aye, aye, captain !
John* :I can't hear you.
Michael*:Aye, aye, captain ! (louder, then continue to sing) Who lived in the pineapple under the sea. Sponge..
Teacher: Michael, you get out !

2. Chem exp also:

John* took 2 beakers of KA5, he poured togather. The empty beaker he filled it with distilled water. Then, he put the beaker at the KA5 place. Another fellow took it...after some time "ooi, why not change one?" While John laugh until stomach pain...

Alot more stupid stuff happened, thats why all my marks were 5x..Happy Holiday

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wrong Sower

The sower plant the seeds of
Love but reaps a harvest of Hurts
Joy but reaps a harvest of Despair
Peace but reaps a harvest of Division
Patience but reaps a harvest of Impatience
Kindness but reaps a harvest of Cruelty
Goodness but reaps a harvest of Notoriety
Faithfulness but reaps a harvest of Suffering
Gentleness but reaps a harvest of Pride
Self-control but reaps a harvest of Passion
Friendship but reaps a harvest of Betrayal
Freedom but reaps a harvest of Chains
Forgiveness but reaps a harvest of Hatred
Hope but reaps a harvest of Anxiety
Prayer but reaps a harvest of Restlessness
All these ends with why's and more whys..
they maybe more if you can name them
However, I'm not suicidal yet, because God relief me of these why..It's bcoz :

Monday, October 13, 2008


Warning : Dont eat while reading this...

Can die ar.. P/A ( do carta pie.. ai ya..din bring, ok la sleep only la..haha)

Say want sleep only.. i feel 1 hour still past like 1 hour..after P/A is WBS.. so i copy other peoples table as teacher called me to.. then the beautiful girl in front of me look at me, then i ambil kesempatan la
" Can touch my forehead, see is it hot or very hot ?"
"Wah, very hot."
"Very hot?"
"Ya" ( In my blurness that time..this is only what i did..shud have also call her to hold my hand see hot onot..or follow The Sheep goes this way:"Even if anything happen to me ar, i want to tell you"I Love You ya"

With prayer, i reach home safely (consider i have to go uphill) panadols..change shirt..sleep ( haven't even bath and eat lunch).. 2: 30pm.. i wake up and thought i can fly..go eat lunch..and whack everything.
T_T (this is one of the worst decision of my life).. after that..tire..sleep again..

7pm..whoaa.. it's the real thing starting.. Stomach something wrong already.. then it's
dark-brown semi-solid..
At night, i went toilet for don-know-how-many times..what color i do not know..but it's not semi-solid nor solid..most terrrifiying..
liquid only...i think is around 4~5 times into the toilet

Next morning, continue to go toilet.. worse, at closer interval.. and i realized my body just reject every intake, every cup of water i drink, promises a nose-torturing-session in next
10 minutes.. the smell ar, worse than ammonia, and b'coz only liquid comes out, so it's very volatile..can die 1.. Food is the just melt in my body and become liquid very fast (amazing?)

The ODJ about sleep is quite true. When you are in sleep-defiency, you are actually :

  1. drowsy and sleepy (duh?)
  2. cranky and irritable (ask your friend, and see)
  3. eat more than usual
I think i do not have enough sleep, so body system also upside down..As i continue my toilet break.. I dont have strength to do homework, so i read Bible, while praying that i can go church tomorrow.. This night, i did not have to go toilet..Yay !

After church, toilet breaks continue.. hits 15 times already.. I eat very little as a result..
I did not do homework also.. read Bible.. pleading Him..
The night was a nightmare too.. 5 times.. the worst one is.. thought just finish, then stand up and flush, only to realize have to sit down again.. that night cant sleep, feel like a pregnant stomach..quite empty ma, so only gases inside..those gas move around inside, just like a baby inside (sweat!) paaain ar..

Next morning, my father ask me :" You sure want go school ar?" (i have to ride my bike too)
"Can la, i 'll miss out a lot if i skip."
I've realize and learn something out of all these trouble..
  1. Be thankful when you can fart and sh*t, and thankful still when you can have semi-solid sh*t, you can cry when you only can sh*t (or suppose is piss from the butt?), you are so dehydrated that the next day you only pee 100ml after drinking 2 liter of water
  2. Marry is a must for me..coz i need people to take care me when i'm sick
Off i leave my house for home, humming:
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, All fears is gone
And I know, He holds the Future
And Life
is worth a living just because He lives

Friday, October 3, 2008


If no one tell the story, others may not know...

I was lost of words when Cacing said i was lucky over the fall (fell) in Batu Berangkai...No one knows the story, except that i speak of it plainly to my 'brothers'. So, i think i MUST tell you..

Batu Berangkai... a waterfall full of batu...and also cold water.. After some serious time with our 360 lites, we play and have fun lo.. Koko Bert also appointed 2 mEcho fellow to jaga evrybody and save the beauty in case.. lol :P

We started with a slide, most of the people tried, and it was fun.. Then we move over to a swing (a strong rope attached around a strong branch, and of coz played by strong man...( lame) How to play it? Grab it tight from a high place and swing down, drop down at it maximum amplitude lo ( a typical pendulum).. As i stated earlier..batu-batu..there's a lot there.. must drop only when it is maximum swing.. or else the reward is..erm..length 6 feet plus.. height 2 know what i mean?

Nothing special but fun! Then it's my turn! I grab it, and swing..
Nearing the middle, my hand feel numb.. (everything happened so fast)
Next thing i know, i drop

I can imagine koko Bert and koko Austin jaw-drop and eye-pop-out..

Meanwhile someone hold me.. hold me

And the result is splassshhh, not plaaakkk or peaakkk.. no pain
I fell (or maybe is placed) between 2 super big rocks.. mere coincidence?

"Still you hear me when I'm calling,
Lord you catch me when I'm falling..
And you tell me who i am..
I am yours"

I know is Him, i've heard His voice thru out de JS programme, then he cathes me, and i have no doubt i am his child.. I have tasted His Grace..Amazing Grace
( ya, you shud be saying halleluyah now, and also tell His story in your life)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting Hours

Yesterday, i finally got my license, both for motorcycle and car... and note that it is different day, well, in between these 20days which i didn't blog...I'll start with my motor..
Lost count of how many lesson i took, so jz go to the test day.. On that after all the processing, sit down and wait lo, after 1 hour only call my number( 26,i think ), not too panic because i got lots of practice in the circuit(not on the road with 'L', bo looi ma, any sponsors? ). Got my shiny cloth(what you call it actually?) and helmet ..

I look at my motor.. oh no, new motor..I have so mch problem with a new one in pre-test.. the fellow b4 me din make it neutral?!..and i know trouble awaits me.. Then, i sit on the motor, and make short prayer.. Start the engine and ...wait...(the dots shud be looonger), the examiner call my number, off i go..pusingan-8+ a 's', meniti (go on a plate, balancing), evading obstruction, u-turn, and my sudden-break..I stop b4 the line, i want to neutralise my gear.. die fire lo, i dont even know what gear i'm actually in..i think is 3rd(suppose to be 2nd).. I just proceed, on my 1st gear..go..change 2nd gear..can not 1..keep on trying..stil can not..wah, half way already le.. so i just flesh my accelerator..(i think the examiner not looking), last is selekor tajam, nth wrong la...1st part finish..pass lo, if not they will stop me 1..

(For your infomation, i've figured out why clutch is call clutch.. it originated from motorcycle.. when u step to change will hear sound like kkla~~+a hissing sound)

My part 3, at least not too bad, check i go, change to gear 2 successfully, all the way..Finally, have to do my noobest part..lift tha bike to double stand (not that i no strength, ok? i don't know the right technique..) i managed to do it on my 2nd attempt to raise it..,Praise the Lord !! But when i push the bike back to the starting point.. wadda, it is not neutral(not neutral means can not be pushed lo), as i struggling there, i was like o crap, minus mark liao..

Anxiously, i walk to the examiner..wah, he siao..gave me full marks for my part 2, they must have closed 1 eyes when i do my sudden-break.. HOT hon or hot miss-kuantan-look-alike must have pass by ( joking ar) or maybe God? cllose their eyes?! My part 3 result, only the gear thing minus mark lo.. i pass motorbike, yay!!

I go to my instructor.. wah geramnya..he greeted me with, :"eh, failed ar?" dont blame them i too cool(selfpraise=no praise).. no smile.. after that wait for others before go home lo
Total waiting hours=3

My car exam,

Early morning, 6:45 reach driving office(those fellow..typical M'sian..) and wait for 25 minutes..stand and wait in the morning like si-bodoh like that..

Reach the exam place, do some final practice, all went well..oni my stomach not well, feel like want go toilet..LOL, before passing exam, have to pass out something... Meet 2 gals from same school apparently.. chat a bit..short conversational ministry.. After they left, wait lo..
i only got a Sun Paper..1 hour pass(in between i fall aslept for 5s?)..about 15 more minutes more "lapan puluh", wah, i stand up so fast ..(Before i go on, plz dont mix my '80' and '26' for 4D, ok?) Put a smile on my face, and greeted my examiner.. My road test start a new car..i did all my practice with old car de.. This car ar, i raise full clucth also wont die fire de lo

Aiyo, the car in front of me so slow le...after awhile he(yes, is a he,no humour, cold..i thoght of praying so that he can hear de, but no guts) call me to overtake, i just tell him in front still got another car testing.. Later, i overtake it..just go on with test..Thank God that the person in front of me do the signals and turns, it reminds me, thank God!! So..i pass lo

Then off i go, for slope and.. so i wait..another hour.. i'm last in the group also..becoz i requested for an old-type car.. Shock myself lo, the car super old and old-type, clucth like no power only when i release.. everything went off nicely for the slope..i dont even have to shout my no...coz i last ma.. To the parking, wah hard le, tis car ar so old..die fire twice..LOL..i din do the normal procedure also, dont know what long as i get in there perfect..i did 2 more steps..
As i go in to the 3-point turn, i was telling myself..YES,YES,YES,YES, 1 more minutes to getting 'P', haha... then ar, when i reverse in the 3-point turn..OH NO!! mati engine..which means fail, brother..i cepat-cepat start back, God's grace, man they are not looking at me..LOL..
So, God's grace prevail again lo.. timed 11:40

Then, my real waiting start now... i get my data..then call my instructor..can not get to 12:10 call another instructor..
"Eh, Mr Cheng, i'm done with my test, can go bac already, where are you?"
"Ok, you WAIT, i ll go there"
"where is Mr Vijay? he suppose to fetch me,right?"
"That Vijay ar, brother pass away la"
"So you wait for me la"

I'll say this is 1 of the worst wait, beating the 1 i have with HON for the bus.. From 12, i have to wait until 2pm.. those 2 hours, with only a read-finish paper and a handphone...He finally reach.. oi..oi.. his car got 4 person le..die fire lo.. I give him my datas
"Sorry la, you have to go back with these afternoon session people" (which is about 4pm!!!)
"Ok.. so i go eat 1st ya" (fuming..sighing...)

At 4pm, leave the place lo, he call me to sit in his friend's car..and wait for my return..Reach the office, sit there and wait lo, at least got air-cond..I tell you i waited for another 45mins, he come back, call me fill up some forms..and then..
"Sorry la, i got i a lot of data and bookings need to do, you go home yourselves ya."
Fine, call my father, without showing any sienness in my conversation..
"Halo, papa, are u near?"
"Ya, i'm in Subang"
"I'm at driving school office.."
"Ok la, you wait for me"
"Thank you"
Another half an hour wait lo, but with a different mood, coz his my father never fail me de

At 6pm, reach home,.. a rest is celebration please..pheeew

Total waiting hours=Xhours
dont to dare count..

Friday, August 8, 2008


Some is having their sweet holiday, but some were stressed (or stretched) in either uni or Form 6..

Those who are stressed, you are advised by me (haha)to twist stressed around (say huh?!)
spell s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d, from de back.... you got d-e-s-s-e-r-t-s, isn't it nice? :)

And of course, your desserts must be nice too. Do you want to know what desserts i take?? It's sweet, sweeter than the honey in the rock (ice cream will be good enough, actually), Jesus. Yes, go to Jesus, all ye stressed people ^^, he will give you rest and peace